by Kyle Kaos

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Download the Radiator Hospital side of this split @ radiatorhospital.bandcamp.com and buy the cassette @ alreadydeadtapes.com/adt/portfolio/ad110/

This is my side of a split C20 with Sam Cook-Parrott of Radiator Hospital. Sam and I both sent each other 5 or 6 song titles, then we wrote and recorded songs to go along with the titles we received. So really Sam came up with some sick titles & the tunes are just whatever made sense to me to go along with them. The last one is sort of a ripoff of the David Peel song "Here Comes a Cop." Thanks to Josh at Already Dead Tapes for putting this out!

xoxo Kyle


released February 1, 2014

Already Dead Tapes




Kyle Kaos

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Track Name: Cheap Slice of Love
When the exception becomes the rule
& all the workers lose their cool
Cheap slice of love is all on me until the morning comes

When all the streets run blue with bleach
After the yuppies move into your community
Cheap slice of love is all on me

When all the hunger turns to crime
Cuz all the food stamps turned to fines
Cheap slice of love won't be enough
to quench this hatred I feel in my gut

Once there's no poor
No middle class
& all the rich melt the planet to gas
Cheap slice of love will be my last

Let's grab a cheap slice before we go to sleep
Track Name: Naked in the City (With a Gun in My Hand)
Naked in the city with a gun in my hand
Waking up this way I reallly feel like a man
Naked in the city with no memory span
Was this all just a part of my master plan

Naked in the city and I'm ready to go
Start another day livin' life in slow-mo
Every day is a dice roll in this messed-up place
Naked in the city with a human face

I'm at the vet again every night
Findin' somethin' new to try
Designer medicine in a vile
Really makes me feel a live

Naked in the city with a gun in my hand
Feelin' alive, really feel like a man
Naked in the city with a bloody badge in my hand
Must have ripped off the narc who tainted my acid tab
Track Name: Punker I Hardly Knew Her
Punker I hardly knew her
Her band came through on tour
Backstage we took some boomers
As they spread vicious rumors
All across town like wild fires
We left the show, we were too tired
Went to the park where we first met
Hand in hand on the swingset
Then we hotboxed her honda
Set it up like a sauna
Turned up to hottest
And to be honest
I was far from a guy
She was far from a guyess
That's why I thought
We had made that promise
That she would skip that Amtrak train
At least stay for brunch on Saturday
And I wish I had half a fuckin' brain
At least enough to catch her name
Punker I hardly knew her
Track Name: Sister Goldenhair's Funeral
I try to reach for your hand, I'm losing grip
Can't promise I'll stick around if you really wanna take that trip

The more I feel like getting up and trying to make a change
The less you seem to believe me when I say I'm in pain
Sister Goldenhair

I'm on the brink of somethin' - I'm growin' up
Come home you stink of somethin' - I can't tell what
This whole white glove afair, this cheap mental game
Sister the clothes you wear reveal your social pain

Sister Goldenhair, I thought I saw you there
Sister Goldenhair, She's been dead for years
She's buried right there
I swear she was just there
Sister Goldenhair
Track Name: Strut Police
The STRUT police / Dressed up in blue / They stress me out / How about you? / Strut Strut / They strut around / Only in the poor / Part of town / They got dogs / With metal teeth / They let 'em go / Don't use a leash / Could be rebuildin' / Communities / Instead they're killin’ / You and me / Ya spell S / Ya spell T / Ya spell R U T / STRUT Police / Dressed up in black / They're swoopin' in / For the attack / They wear NorthFace / When they narc / On the dealers / In the park / They'll stop you cold / For walkin' black / The STRUT Police / Will frame crack / On anybody / That they like / Don't need a reason / They got the right / Ya spell N / Ya spell A / Ya spell R / Ya spell C / They're gonna narc on me / They're hi-tech / Militarized / Bodies burnin' / In their eyes / Got the latest / Gizmos too / Billion dollar / Drones to use / STRUT Police / Up in the skies / Crain machines / Pickin' up guys / To fill the prisons / To the brim / At the prison owner's whim / Ya spell D / Ya spell R / Ya spell O N E / They're gonna come down for me / STRUT Police / They're high up / Institutionalized / Built upon these / Public lies / Covert violence / Has got to stop / Ya see strut police / Tell him to hop / Back to the sewers / Go underground / Stay radical / Don't get found / By the STRUT Police / Ya spell S / Ya spell T / Ya spell R U T / STRUT Police